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Saracen Warrior w/Pennant Lancer          Number Produced 32       St. Petersburg Collection
Knight Templar vs. Saracen    Number Produced 22 St. Petersburg Collection
                  Old Guard Grenadiers Advancing               Served Napoleon since his           earliest campaigns
American Civil War 1861-1865 Twelve Pound Cannon Smooth-bore Firing For Effect
American Civil War      1861-1865   The Gray Wall
Battle of Isandlwana    January 22, 1879
Battle of Waterloo Closing the Gates
American Civil War    1861-1865 Push to Victory
Mongol Warrior $595     54mm
Winged Polish Cavalry Between the 16th &18th centuries $595        54mm
$659          54mm
$750           54mm
$500       40mm
$200               54mm
$800         54mm
$550           54mm
$1000        54mm
$795          54mm
$500            54mm
$375         54mm
$550            54mm
$350           40mm
Battle Of Waterloo     Polish Lancers & Scots Gray’s, Scale   x                            54mm
Danish King vs. Sword Brethren       Number Produced 12      St. Petersburg Collection  $950           54mm
     Fort Meigs  United States fortification      War of 1812
American Civil War 54th Massachusetts 54th Mass
Old Guard  Grenadiers Wetting the Stripes      Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815)        Quotes of Napoleon Bonaparte
     American Civil War             1863 Trees Bearing Strange Fruit
Knight Templar vs. Saracen    Number Produced 22 St. Petersburg Collection  $800         54mm
Hundred  Years War      1337- 1453 $475     54mm
American Revolution, Redoubt   x                    40mm
WWII, Scale 40mm  x           40mm
Battle of Isandiwana January 22, 1879 x                   40mm
American Revolutionary War British Infantry Advancing      Shoulder Arms x               40mm    
World War One x           54mm
War of 1812, Fort Section x                    25mm
American Revolution       x                60mm
Harlem Hell-fighters x              54mm
War of 1812 Infantry Marching x             28mm
Bunker Hill x           28mm
American Cowboy x             120mm 
Tannenberge 1410 x                 54mm
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     American Civil War             1863 Trees Bearing Strange Fruit
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Union Supply Wagon American Civil, Scale x              54mm 
Union Civil War    x              54mm
Black Union Infantry x               54mm
French & Indian War’s  A Moment In Time x                 54mm
                     Medieval Catapult                        x               54mm
                         Horus & Tutankhamun                    x               54mm Wall Mount
Hannibal War Elephant x                     90mm
       Battle of Austerlitz 1805   $195                    54mm
                                Boston Massacre                                 Crispus Attucks                               x                   54mm
American Revolutionary War   x              54mm
Confederate Artillery x                54mm
America, Scale 90mm    Escape Slave x               90mm
Union Infantry   Skirmishing x         54mm
   54th Mass Infantry Advancing x              28mm
Confederate Civil War Infantry, x                    54mm
Confederate Redoubt,  x             54mm
Confederate Artillery, x          54mm
5th United States Colored Cavalry, x                  54mm
Last Of The Mohicans x                 28mm
          General Edward Braddock March on Fort Duquesne        July 9, 1775        x             40mm
Battle of Waterloo x               54mm
60th Rifles x              28mm
Napoleon, Death of Lannes x                      28mm
     Agincourt $200      Scale 54mm
         King Author x                     54mm
Norman Viking Raiding Party x                 28mm,
Knight Hospitaller & Arabian Warrior x                            54mm
Teutoburg Forest x         54mm
“Villalar” 1521 LosComuneros de Castilla  $350            54mm 
     Civil War Union Sharpshooter x             54mm
Lee & Jackson x            40mm
American Civil War Dismounted Cavalry x                 54mm
Run Away Slave Black Cavalry Soldier x                 54mm
    Roman, Revolt    x                  54mm
Advance Guard  Battle of Waterloo $210                 54mm
Bushy Run Station, Scale  $210              54mm
 Last of the Mohicans  French & Indian $210            54mm
American Civil War    Standing Strong x             54mm