Bertram Floyd originally of Youngstown, Ohio: Artist - Sculptor -Visionary Bertram creating 3-dimensional military art in the form of dioramas since 1985 His one-of-a-kind creations in miniature depict various episodes in history, military battles and events. These dioramas are minutely detailed, recreating the colors and texture of a historical scene. Through the art of dioramas Bertram has depicted many varied time periods from Kemet (Egypt) to World War II. His dioramas illuminate history in a way no other medium can, preserving moments in time. His studio located in Sheffield Village, Ohio is where his dioramas are created.  Hand painted miniature figures positioned with historical details, scaled recreations of the terrain and scenery for timeless viewing. Bertram is pursuing his life-long interest in history and combine that passion with his love of painting and sculpting is making his dreams come true.
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